Thursday, July 4, 2013

Who Will Own Hulu?

With final bids due tomorrow, July 5, we should know shortly afterwards who will be buying Hulu.  Along with hedge fund and investment groups, companies like DirecTv, Time Warner Cable, and Yahoo are still interested in owning this streaming video aggregator.  "The big question is how much bidders will offer for Hulu.  Fox and Disney want about $1B."  Samsung's purchase of Boxee, on the other hand, is a tiny $30 million.  Hulu's value certainly depends on the length of the content deals, especially from the soon to be former owners of Hulu.  Once free of the shackles of distribution, they are free to charge whatever and to whoever they choose.  So once the current content deals expire, Hulu could just be an empty vessel.  Hopefully, the content deals include a long term life.

Who will the winner of Hulu be?  We shall know soon enough.


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