Monday, July 22, 2013

Time Warner Cable Pushes Aereo

With a retransmission fight looming and the threat of CBS being dropped from certain Time Warner Cable systems on August 1, TWC is offering a solution, augment your cable carriage with the Aereo service.  "While Time Warner Cable does not seem ready or willing to deploy Aereo-like technology, a spokeswoman, Maureen Huff, said Sunday that it would recommend Aereo to its New York subscribers if CBS was blacked out." 

It may be a veiled threat, though it has repercussions.  But be careful what you ask for TWC.  If consumers get so tired of these same negotiations year in and year out with networks, they might just drop cable service all together for Aereo.  Plus with the rise of original series on Netflix and Amazon, consumers may be finding that they can do without their cable subscription. 

Aereo continues to expand with plans to launch in Utah in August even before their Chicago launch in September.   Before we know it, Aereo will be across the country and neither CBS or Time Warner Cable will be happy with the way this disruptive technology is taking over. 

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