Monday, June 3, 2013

If Your Product Starts With An "i", Does That Make It An Apple

Apple seems to be the king of the little "i" as most of its products start with this letter.  There is iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMovie, iTunes, and more.  So whenever we guess the name of the next product to come from Apple, like iWatch, we assume that it too will start with the little "i".  And so we now expect that Apple will announce next week a new streaming radio service to augment the iTunes brand with the name iRadio.  "Apple is said to have broader ambitions for iRadio than existing streaming radio services, including the ability to purchase a song from the iTunes download store after listening to it and software that predicts what tracks listeners will enjoy based on their existing iTunes collections."

Will iRadio indeed become the name for this new service?   We should know on June 10 at its developer conference.  Of course it may still depend on how many music deals are finalized.  With Pandora and others already serving this marketplace, Apple may need more differentiation to attract these current users to try their new service.  And Apple's marketing hardly ever disappoints. 

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