Friday, June 21, 2013

Clearwire Big Winner As Sprint Raises Offer

Regardless of whether Dish or Sprint buy Clearwire, it is clear to me that Clearwire and its shareholders are the big winner.  Dish may have wanted the company but they also forced Sprint to raise their offer.  "Clearwire’s board of directors said it has endorsed the new Sprint bid, which values Clearwire at about $14 billion."  So what is Dish to do next, up their bid for Clearwire, go back and bid again for Sprint?  Should Sprint acquire the remaining shares of Clearwire, they will hopefully be able to utilize that spectrum to better compete against Verizon and AT&T in the wireless space.  And a bigger Sprint may be a better acquisition target.

Some rumors that Dish may follow up and partner with Google to raise its bid.  Certainly Google would also like to enjoy the uses of that spectrum for its broadband needs as well.  And Dish and Google might just find some other useful synergies as well.

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