Thursday, May 23, 2013

Waiting For The Next Apple Innovation - Keep Waiting

While tweaks to the operating system are always meant to keep current product lines from becoming obsolete, Apple seems to be spending more time fighting tax code questions and less on new product innovation.  Since the release of the iPad three plus years ago, fans of Apple have waiting patiently for the next new product release.  Is it the death of Steve Jobs, is it loss of talent, did the product R&D group take a holiday? Despite rumors of smart TVs and watches, we are left waiting.

And it appears we may have to wait longer.  "Consumers awaiting Apple's rumored wearable, watch-like device might need to wait until next year before the gadget sees the light of day."  While the buzz is about wearable technology and Google is already pushing the Google Glass design, Apple appears not ready to announce or release its own wearable technology. 

And if not an iWatch, then what can we expect in 2013?  Will Apple finalize its deal with Sony and announce a streaming music service to compete with Pandora?  Will Apple pursue a rental video or subscription video service?  Will it be an iTV or more innovation of the Apple TV box?  Or are we just left with the next release of an iPhone and iPad?   And so, the Apple consumer continues to wait.

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