Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Viewers Love To Stream And They Love Their Mobile Devices

According to bandwidth management supplier, Sandvine, consumers online streaming continues to grow.  And not surprisingly, consumers are not just watching on their hardwired devices via broadband, but are actively using WIFI in their homes to stream content to their mobile devices.  And smartphones and tablets have enabled consumers to increase their video viewing habits.  "Median usage more than doubled – from 25.5 MB to 58.7 MB over the past year."  A healthy year over year increase and one powered by the availability of more and more content accessible online.

The players in the online streaming space are well known.  Per the tone of the article, Netflix remains at the top of the pile while others are also in the mix.  Also that more long form video is being consumed via mobile devices accessed through WIFI; as the study notes,  consumers are more accepting of this platform for their long term viewing.

This is good news to those content creators that presented at this year's digital upfronts.  Consumer demand for more long form streaming content is growing and users are watching it on both fixed and mobile devices.  The 1000 channel universe has come and gone; we have reached a level of an unlimited number of channels and shows from an ever expanding platform for content distribution.

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