Monday, May 20, 2013

Target Adds Streaming Media To The Business Plan

The retail giant Target knows that to compete with Walmart in the brick and mortar space and Amazon in the online space, you have to offer competitive markets.  But with an early jump in streaming media, Target was left behind.  Till now.  "Target is currently testing a service called Target Ticket. According to a Web site running a beta version of Target Ticket, the service is providing 'instant access to 15,000 titles,' including new releases, classic movies and 'next-day TV' shows."  And Target will not only find themselves competing with the above group, but add also Apple, Netflix, Redbox,  and others to a growing list of distribution platforms. 

Like Amazon Prime, Target might use its branded credit card business as a means to incent usage through loyalty.  But Target will also learn that they not also need to increase the size of their inventory but look to exclusive windows and original content to better and more effectively compete.  Of course all this talk is about a beta test.  Where Target goes and how aggressively they choose to roll out such a program remains to be seen.  Still, the blending of physical and online stores continue to demonstrate the trend of retail to compete effectively in the marketplace.  And that is why Target needs to enter this space. 

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