Friday, May 3, 2013

Barnes & Noble Looks To Play With Google

Any mobile device is only as good as the content that drives it.  Today, the two biggest libraries for apps and content are Apple and Google.  But while Apple is a closed architecture built around its exclusive product line, Google Play has taken the opposite approach to open itself to multiple devices.  So add to that list the Nook devices. 

"Barnes & Noble is adding Google Play’s full complement of videos, music and apps (and ebooks) to its Nook HD and HD+ tablets. The tablets will also include Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and the Chrome browser."  Nook devices will continue to access its own store as well.  Certainly more is better than less and should result in a better user experience for consumers who use the Nook tablets. 

But the article speculates, and rightly so, what about Microsoft.  Despite partnering with B&N, Microsoft has seemed to do little to take advantage of the deal.  Where is Microsoft in the device, where is Microsoft in the retail space of B&N, where is Microsoft in the content?  And I must suspect that Microsoft must be a little upset that B&N is now cavorting with the "competition".  But since Microsoft has done little to utilize this partnership and the Nook needs content to gain popularity for its device, B&N made the right decision to push ahead. 

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