Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Drought of New Product Releases At Apple

The Business Insider points out in today's article that "there is also evidence to suggest that something big has gone wrong at Apple over the past year. And that something, we would guess, is likely problems with the launch of a major new product category--namely, Apple's television set."  Certainly the rumor mill has gone on for some time that an Apple TV set was in the works but it has yet to materialize.  And neither has any other new product release.  And according to their chart, "Apple is in the midst of an unprecedented drought in terms of new product launches."

So while that article presses on the problems at Apple, today's Bloomberg article from an All Things Digital interview with CEO Tim Cook is meant to let us know that a little patience will produce great results.  "He singled out television and wearable computing as areas of interest."  When and what those new products will be remains to be seen.  But if you have faith in Apple, they will deliver.  

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