Monday, April 1, 2013

Technology Makes Us A Nation Of Sharers

Have you liked an article or product or company recently on Facebook?  Do you share your playlists from Pandora or Spotify?  Have you assembled your Flipboard with plans to share as well?  It seems that we are becoming a nation of sharers.  As the breadth and depth of content continues to grow and overwhelm us, we begin to rely on expertise from others to help us navigate and discover new content, ideas, businesses, and more.  And we gain these recommendations from the social networks we live in.  Once there were book clubs, now there is Goodreads to recommend.  Technology has enabled us to more quickly and easily gather and share what we like to read, watch, and listen to.  And it allows us to gain recommendations and interests from our "friends" and "social networks".  How open we are to sharing is up to us; if our friends like something, we might too.  And with so much content clutter coming at us, its nice to have some guidance. 

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