Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Media Has A Social Soundtrack

Great article in Huffington Post from Deb Roy called "Television's Future Has a Social Soundtrack"  As Twitter and Facebook enable immediate sharing of our thoughts and concerns, it provides great social measurement of events in our lives.  Since television offers us a window to the world, from presidential debates to award shows, from the Super Bowl to The Walking Dead, the second screen enables social commentary to share with the world.  "Just in the United States, tens of millions of people are talking to each other as they watch TV. This year's Super Bowl alone spurred over 24 million tweets."

Count me in the group.  I tweeted as well during the Oscars and enjoyed reading others' snarky tweets.  It also added to my engagement in the show I was watching. And as Roy points out, social media opens us up to other viewpoints and feedback. It also provides an expertise and recommendations to new programming.  "Hearing chatter about a show is becoming a common way to discover new programs and decide what to watch."  

This "social soundtrack" becomes for the user an important added value to our viewing behavior.  " If you are not part of the soundtrack yet, chances are that you will be soon."

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