Friday, March 29, 2013

Fox Building Another Entertainment Network

Add FXX Network to the stable of Fox Broadcast, FX Channel, and FXM Channel.  And hope you can tell them apart.  "FXX, which will replace and expand upon the current Fox Soccer Channel, will launch Sept. 2, targeting the "millennial" audience of adults ages 18 to 34."  So soccer out, general entertainment back in.  With an anticipated reach of 74 million homes, FXX will assure interest by moving over shows from the FX parent brand to the fledgling channel.  Those shows include "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, returning for a 10th season; The League, back for a sixth; Legit, to return for a second; and late-night series Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, which will expand to a five-nights-a-week talk show from its current weekly format."

These Fox Channels will be distinguished by the demographic they reach although not quite sure if anyone will notice.  Most likely the quality of the shows served will determine the value of each brand.  And given the resources of Fox, FXX will certainly get great brand engagement and awareness by the time they launch in the Fall. 

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