Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yahoo Refresh

As many companies have learned, it is hard to stay cool and hip.  Just ask MTV, AOL, Microsoft, even Apple and Yahoo.  To stay relevant, one must continually innovate and capture new interest.  With each new age group comes new challenges to capture their loyalty.  And as all companies have learned, once you do get to the top of the hill, it is easier to fall then to continue to climb.

Yahoo hopes it can recapture the glory of old through its latest refresh.  "Yahoo Inc is rolling out a revamped look for its website aimed at making the Web portal more modern and attractive to users."  With Marissa Meyer on board as the the newest CEO, her challenge is to keep growing her  metrics while improving a slumping revenue stream.  Can Yahoo find growth amid increased competition from social media sites and other content portal sites?  Certainly there needs to be some secret sauce to get viewers to seek out taste Yahoo again.  With so many sites offering articles and videos and social sharing, Yahoo needs something unique and exclusive that intrigues enough people to check it out.  And that hot new thing for all companies remains elusive and hard  to capture.

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