Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Known By The E-Mail We Keep

Do you judge others by the e-mail provider they keep?  And does the email we use say anything about who we are.  I expect that most people keep more than one email addresses.  For some it is as simple as a work email and a personal one.  For others, different email addresses for different purposes, one for close friends, one for applications like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and commerce sites like Amazon and E-Bay.  An email address for every occasion.  And some of us have emails that have been around forever but because everyone we know has it, it has become hard to give up. Count folks that have Netscape, AOL, and Hotmail.  But it is time to remove one of those from the list.

"Microsoft said Tuesday it had begun switching Hotmail accounts to as it officially launches its revamped email service."  Hotmail email addresses are now set to become  Alert the friends. Change the preferences.  RIP Hotmail.

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