Friday, February 1, 2013

Is HBO Go On Apple TV A Big Deal?

Would someone explain to me why having the HBO Go App on the Apple TV device is a big deal.  "Adding HBO to the lineup of Apple TV services including Netflix Inc. (NFLX) and Hulu Plus may help the iPhone maker bolster sales of a set-top box that has faced stiff competition from similar video-delivery devices from Roku Inc. and Microsoft Corp.."  But wait, don't I already have an HBO Go app on my iPad and iPhone.  And since I need a cable subscription to watch HBO, I most likely have a cable set top box since one is required on every set to get channels as well as on demand.  So while it may sound great that Apple TV has the service, unless HBO enables a consumer to buy an HBO subscription WITHOUT going through a cable provider, I am less impressed.

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  1. And HBO Go is on Roku. But the great thing is unless your cable company has signed a special secondary deal with HBO, HBO Go may not work on your Apple TV or your Roku, even though you can get it on your laptop/desktop.

    Luckily we have an old laptop hooked to the TV by HDMI and a wireless keyboard and mouse on the coffee table. So when we want HBO Go (which has a bigger selection of HBO programming than your cable provider's on demand options), we can still watch it, but we have to do it via the 4th device (Cable box, Roku box, DVD player, laptop) connected to our TV.