Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apple, We're Waiting

Here's hoping the bloom is not off the rose, or that the shine not off the Apple.  At yesterday's shareholder meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that while the stock price isn't where it should be, the company is performing well.  "True to Apple's secretive nature, Cook didn't provide any further product details, although at one point he said the company is considering entering other categories besides its popular line of digital music players, smartphones and tablet computers."  Of course there has been a lot of speculation as to what that next product might be, like an Apple TV set or an iWatch.  

But as other companies come out with their versions of these products ahead of Apple, I must wonder if that is indeed where Apple is headed.  They have had a tendency to lead the market with revolutionary new products, not merely spit out a copied product.  What might Apple possible be able to include in an iWatch that would make it better than the other products already in the marketplace like Pebble and others. And why hasn't Apple released a competing subscription music and video service to compete with Pandora and Netflix.  What is their next big thing?

For many of the shareholders, there is still a lot of confidence in what Apple has up their sleeve.  Others are expecting more immediate moves.  I can only hope that patience will be well rewarded.

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