Monday, February 4, 2013

Apple iPhone Is Top Smartphone new Blackberry is coming, Samsung has the next best thing, but at least for the last quarter, Apple sold more smartphones to lead the market share.  "Apple shipped an estimated 17.7 million phones in the U.S. in the fourth quarter to score a market share of 34 percent. Those numbers were a healthy rise from the same quarter in 2011 when Apple shipped 12.8 million phones and captured a 25 percent share."  Samsung was close behind with 32% share.  Yet despite leading the market, Apple's stock price plunged.  For it is not what you have done that impresses the market, but what you are expected to do.  And as the leader in the space, the only real direction is down. 

Many cite the loss of Steve Jobs, their leader for the problems; others, the lack of innovative products since his passing.  But could Steve really have put another rabbit out of his hat?  As George Costanza of Seinfeld fame knew quite well, its best to leave after your witty remark, at the top of your game.  Jobs did just that and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple may not have his "next big thing" ready to release.  It is why there is so much tweaking of newer iPad, iPhone, and iPod products.  And why there is so much hoping that an Apple TV set could deliver the goods.

For now, enjoy the fact that apple smartphones have the largest market share.  "Though Apple had reason to cheer last quarter, Samsung was the top dog for 2012 as a whole in both shipments and market share. And Apple's latest surge was certainly buoyed by strong demand from holiday shoppers. So Samsung could easily take back the crown this quarter."  And with the new Blackberry on the shelf, the race just keeps on going.

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