Friday, January 11, 2013

US Cable Subscriber Base Shrinking

According to reports, cable household subscribers may have finally hit the tipping point and will begin to decline.  "The number of Americans who pay for cable-like TV products is declining, says a research forecast that claims subscriptions peaked at nearly 101 million in 2011 but will decline to less than 95 million by 2017."  Blame the high cost of cable, blame the internet for bringing competition to the cable model, call it cord cutting, but subscriber numbers are declining.

But not to worry because cable companies are not about to go belly up.  For one thing, the decline is a long way from serious economic jeopardy. And second, these same companies are operating in a multi-platform world where they are finding revenue from content spread across the market.  And as the Paid Content article directly exclaims, "The first cable decline is a tipping point, not a revolution."

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