Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sirius - Adding New Channels

In a recent announcement, Sirius is partnering with Comedy Central to create a branded channel devoted to stand-up comics.  "The companies said Tuesday that they are hoping to launch the channel this spring, preferably around April Fools' Day. Sirius already has eight channels devoted to comedy, including Laugh USA, Blue Collar Comedy, Raw Dog Comedy and Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole."  This announcement got me to thinking what else was missing from the Sirius lineup.  This move certainly adds another comedy channel, but it doesn't sound so differentiating.

My idea stems from my youth; our ABC affiliate had its audio simulcast on radio when I was growing up.  While I don't believe that exists today, I believe it would create added value on today's airwaves.  Sirius should be programming audio feeds from both broadcast and cable networks.  Missing The Biggest Loser, listen to it in the car;  want to listen to Mad Men, turn to Sirius Channel XYZ.  To me, that assortment of programming would add tremendous value to the Sirius line-up and augment interest in TV programming.  And because it was just the audio feed, it would not compete at all with cable operators; rather, it promotes interests in networks and a desire to watch the shows when you are home.

I believe the addition of cable and broadcast audio feeds would be a great benefit to consumers and the added value would support additional subscriber growth.   While it is great that they are adding another comedy channel, having the real Comedy Central Channel on the line-up sounds even more impressive.

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