Friday, January 25, 2013

Latest Social Networking Link - Vine

Is your social networking apps growing?  Are you paying enough attention to your current connections via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. or are you in need of another connection?  If you haven't had enough, then say hello to Vine.  Growing quickly on the app charts, Vine enables members to upload and share short form videos.  "It lets users thread together tiny clips into one looping six-second video, with a UI very similar to Instagram’s."  And as it comes from Twitter, it might just have some opportunity to succeed.  "And if that weren’t enough, Vine actually stands to make Twitter a more valuable company and a stronger social network. Not only does it start the process of building a bridge from platform to true social network, but it creates another stream of user-generated content for Twitter that the company actually owns."  Time will tell whether it is a short term fad or has real future to it.

FYI, it is, not, which may just bring this healthy living site some new uniques to their traffic.


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