Wednesday, January 2, 2013

iPhone iWatch

In February 21, 2011, I wrote a blog on an article appearing on CNN Money about turning the iPod into an iWatch.  Fast forward two years and that same idea has resurfaced but this time it is an iPhone iWatch.  As Apple ponders what will be the next thing, folks are speculating that Apple will do to the iPhone what they did to the iPod, build a next generation product that replaces the old technology.  As tablets are usurping laptop sales, the day may come when folks no longer need a smartphone but will rely on wearable technology.  "The early bet on what kills the smartphone is something like Google Glass. Wearable computers are widely believed to be the next computing fad."

For Apple, that could be the iWatch.  Easy to access, easy to wear, connectable to other Apple devices.  And perhaps add a "self winding" type mechanism, a device that is able to stay charged through movement.  Will people be willing to give up their smartphone or will this simply augment and improve the experience of using one.  One thing is clear, the iPad Mini proved consumers love devices in multiple sizes.

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