Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3D TV Not Appealing

Back in November, 2010 I wrote a blog asking 3D or Not 3D and felt the glasses limited the value and enjoyment of a 3D set.  In other blogs I wrote, I suggested that I saw little incremental value both in the home and in the movie theater.  With rare exception on a couple of movies, 3D wasn't important to me.  And I guess others agree.

"This year at CES, very few television makers even mentioned 3D, Troy Wolverton of the Mercury News reports."  Today the push continues to build connected TV sets as well as to hype bigger screens with more pixels and better Hi Def experience.  And while my own instincts in 3D were proved right, I am sorry for those companies that invested in those products.  Would I revisit 3D; perhaps, when the experience can be created with a set of glasses to wear.  Viewers love to be immersed in the video experience, and once that can be created cleanly with a "hologram" like experience, I would be very interested.  Yes, once again, Star Trek science fiction pushing to be science fact.

So goodbye 3D for now.

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