Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dish Network Goes Cellular

Dish Network has plans for wireless and the FCC has approved them.  What those plans are remain to be seen although it certainly makes Dish a bigger competitor in the cable and mobile space.  Whether they use the spectrum for broadband to their customers or to build a new cellular phone competitor remains to be seen.  "The rule would allow Dish to use the airwaves for a ground-based cellular network. It may partner with another cellular company to build a network from the spectrum." With Sprint looking to buy out Clearwire, this could add a wrinkle to the conversation.

Gaining full support from the FCC must be a great holiday present for Dish as it opens up brand new business opportunities.  It might also be a present to broadband and cellular consumers wishing that there was more competition in the wireless space.  With the door finally open for Dish to proceed in mobile, we must wait to see how fast their business plan can be executed.

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