Monday, December 3, 2012

Bing Asks "Have You Been Scroogled?"

The latest ad in today's Wall Street Journal and other publications asks the quest, "Have you been Scroogled?"  Microsoft's search engine, Bing, wants consumers to know that they believe search results have been tampered with to no longer provide us with a meaningful order of possible results.  "Microsoft’s claim is this: Because Google Shopping’s search results are determined by how much companies are willing to pay for them, they’re unavoidably inaccurate." Check out the Scroogled page here.

The question the author asks is whether a better alternative for search exists.  "The core Bing search product is still pretty bad. Bing has been my default browser for a few months now (for Science!) but I find myself almost always reverting to Google when Bing fails to give me useful results. That’s not the way a search engine should work."  As for me, Google has been by default search engine and has delivered on the task.  I did in fact also use Bing for a search on "fleece fabrics" for my daughters school project last night but didn't find additional meaningful results different from Google.

So Bing may have some truth in its ad against Google, but to get people to switch, build a better product.  Put these two search engines side by side and ask, is there anything really different or better to lead to a change in behavior.  If you want to knock the leader off the mountain, prove it

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