Monday, November 12, 2012

The Death Of Channel Surfing

Perhaps, I am being overly dramatic, but the truth is that channel surfing is dramatically different today.   With the rise of digital channels and the latency of switching the clicker one channel at a time, it is less efficient to click through channels, watching each one for a moment to decide whether to stay on the channel or switch to the next channel on the line-up.  Today, it is all about the meta data and the interactive guide that presents 5 channels at a time and what is playing at the moment.  With a flick of the page up (or down) button, it is off to the next 5 until one show catches our eye and we either click in on it or click the info button to read the description of the show. In addition, we now search by show, by category (like movies or sports), or take our search to the next level and look deeper in our on-demand or DVR menu for content to view on our schedule.

The art of channel surfing by peaking in on each channel is no longer efficient,.  It has become a loss skill.  Of course, with all the tons of content accessible to watch, it was time for a new mouse trap to be built, a new way to find and watch.  Old fashioned channel surfing may be dead, but the choice of content is alive and well.

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