Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Holidays, Apple

It could be a busy holiday season for Apple this year and the iPad Mini could be the must have gift.  According to Forbes, "Though the WiiU is a hotly anticipated new console with 39% of kids aged 6-12 wanting one, it’s bested by the iPad, which nearly a majority of kids want at 48%.  And the next three items on the list after the WiiU? An iPod touch, an iPad mini and an iPhone."  And if my household is any indication, Apple devices top the list.

Nintendo's WiiU has been expected for quite a while; my house has both a Wii and XBox, though the latter gets far greater play.  No one in my house is clamoring for the next generation of either product.  The tablet though, with all its gaming, is appealing to both my son and daughter.  Add all the other apps as well as its mobility, and it is in hot demand.  And despite the higher than expected price for a Mini iPad, demand for it keeps rising.   As to the research, while the iPad is at the top of the wish list, the Microsoft Surface, along with the Apple TV, rank at the very bottom of the list.  Does this portend another Zune type product for Microsoft?

Once the rush to the stores is over this holiday season, it will be fun to look back at sales and see which devices sold more.  Was the iPad the top seller?  Did the Surface surprise and rank higher?  Will the WiiU prove a success for Nintendo?  Black Friday is gone but Cyber Monday is upon us.  Let the games begin.

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