Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TiVo Seeks New Revenue Sources Through Litigation

Ideally, TiVo would be able to take its superior product and integrate into each and every cable operators cable box to create a world class cable DVR box.  But that has not happened as quickly as possible.  Especially as the top cable operator have done little to embrace TiVo.  Instead, new revenue has come from another source, lawsuits.  With wins and settlements, TiVo has been doing quite well.

The latest source for funds may just come from another lawsuit.  "TiVo Inc. said it may be entitled to billions of dollars in damages should it win its patent- infringement lawsuit against Google Inc.’s Motorola Mobility unit over digital-video recording technology." Should this fight find a similar outcome as others, TiVo will once again see a financial lift from litigation.

It is certainly nice to see that TiVo is working over time to protect its patents.  It simply needs to work equally as hard to get its products in the home.  Perhaps the outcome of this latest litigation is that Google and Motorola make TiVo the official DVR of its cable box.  Thus cable operators  using Motorola set top boxes will automatically be using TiVo.  Perhaps.

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