Friday, October 26, 2012

All Hail The DVR

The must-have device in the home, it just might be the DVR.  For those of us that like to watch our shows on a big screen TV, the DVR is the ultimate device to watch what you want, when you want, and to be able to fast forward through the commercials.  In my home, the DVR is used regularly, except for watching news and sports.  Well, it seems my family is not alone.  " If the digital video recorder were a network — with you, the viewer, as chief programmer — it would rank as tops among total viewers and in the key young-adult demographics."  According to the report, DVR usage has jumped 30%, year over year.  And to measure the success of a TV show, it is now crucial to include  viewing post live, up to 7 days after the initial broadcast.  Sometimes longer in my household.

Of course the DVR requires us to be proactive.  To seek out and set a show or series "taping" in advance.  Yes I still say taping even though no real tape exists.  Blame my previous use of the VCR.  Still, it requires advance notice.  And when a time shifts due to unannounced changes in the schedule, the result is a missed recording.  Networks don't seem to care, they seem to purposely have their show run a few seconds if not a minute or two longer just saw the DVR misses copying the end.  Ultimately, each recording needs to be manually extended to try and catch the entire program.

Sometimes, the back up is the on-demand service that is provided.  For networks that have enabled their shows to be available on-demand, viewers have a second means to watch their shows.  Sometimes though, operators are required to disable the fast forward features so that we are required  to sit through the ads played.  Luckily the ad inventory seems to be less than on live TV; for now.

So all hail the DVR, our resource to watch TV on our schedule and not the networks.

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