Friday, September 28, 2012

Voom And Dish Head To Court

According to the news, the trial between Echostar and Voom is about to go to court.  Voom, the hi definition satellite service created by Cablevision, struggled to find viewership at a time when hi def TVs were just arriving to the consumer.  Cable networks were reluctant to build out an HD version of their channels till their was enough of a market interest.  Voom was to capture the early adopter with original HD channels across the main genres of news, music, movies, and sports.  And Echostar came on board to offer the Voom service to their consumers.  Non Dish customers could find check out Voom at Sears stores and online.  But Voom failed to find an audience and shortly thereafter, cable networks began to offer their channels in HD.  These entrenched cable brands were of more interest to consumers and Voom struggled to expand.

Ultimately, Dish and Cablevision had a falling out and Dish chose to drop the Voom service.  It has led to a protracted legal battle.  Will a trial occur or will a settlement be reached?  Will the networks of AMC (AMC, WE, IFC, Sundance) come back on Dish or will their banishment remain?  We can only watch and wait.

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