Thursday, September 6, 2012

Smartphone Makers Race To Deliver Announcements

The smartphone wars are ramping up and the race to deliver the news first, ahead of others and before the critical fourth quarter, looks a bit chaotic.  How much so, that both Nokia and Motorola, in an attempt to beat Apple to the gate have announced their phones first, but without some critical information.  They missed some details that the consumer would find important to know, such as the cost of the smartphone and which wireless providers would be offering them.  In this rush to beat Apple's iPhone announcement next week, one wonders if they did more damage then good to their brand.  Rather than focus on what makes their unique phones great, the chatter is on the announcement itself.

Apple, on the other hand, follows the same strategy over and over again.  Nothing is formally released early leading to buzz in the market about what if.  As anticipation grows, an announcement of a forthcoming event eludes only to news, but only to add to the speculation. And finally, at the announced date, details are set and revealed with emphasis on the new additions and benefits they derive.  And of course, the announcement includes availability and cost. It is a formula that continues to work.

With more smartphone devices reaching the consumer, the good news is that there is more choice than ever before.  With the coming release of Microsoft's smartphone, Samsung, and of course Blackberry, the field continues to crowd for the race to begin.

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