Friday, September 7, 2012

Don't You Love Blind Taste Tests

Blind taste tests are great fun.  The best ones are probably Coke vs Pepsi but I'm sure there were a few soup blind tests and others to disrupt expectations and try to throw the leader off their perch at the top of the hill.  The latest blind taste test is truly unique, comparing search engines.  With Google as the leader and Bing the upstart, a blind taste test is a great way for people to see that sometimes their comfort zones need to be challenged.

"Dubbed 'Bing It On,' the commercials will target a young demographic and run over the next few months on MTV, Fox (including during the premieres of "Ben & Kate" and "American Dad"), The CW, FX, ABC Family and Hulu.

An engaging commercial.  Even Pepsi had a hard time converting people despite their tastes telling them they preferred Pepsi.  Whether it gets people to try Bing for their searches remain to be seen.

Once people have their default search engine, it may be difficult to get them to make a switch.  Perhaps Microsoft has the best chance of getting engagement with Bing is by getting companies to use Internet Explorer where Bing is the default. or convincing Apple to put Bing into Safari.  There may be simply other ways to encourage more use.

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