Friday, August 10, 2012

Dish Network Keeping AMC Off The Air

Whether it is a license fee rate issue or bad blood regarding a lawsuit around Voom, Dish Network has decided to not carry AMC and its other networks, including WE, IFC, and Sundance, on their line-up. Clearly there are different sides to this story. If a decision not to carry certain networks with the result of lowering the monthly fee to consumers works, then other carriers may seek out this strategy to account for consumer price sensitivity.  If enough consumers complain or worse, switch to another provider, Dish may feel the bite and re-engage in a negotiation with AMC.  And other operators will figure out new ways to be the aggregator of all programming.  The fight is on.

AMC is certainly trying different ways to talk to the Dish consumer and get them to act.  One such tactic caught my eye.  I've embedded a video that is both humorous and subtle.

If you want zombies off the street and back on the AMC TV show, The Walking Dead, then this will certainly help.  Enjoy!

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