Thursday, August 23, 2012

Digital Advertising Share Larger Than Newspaper Advertising

In sports, we always marvel when a record is broken or a player rises through the list verse other players.  In advertising, those records are seen by the size of revenue and the share verse other media choices.  And when a rookie or new platform outpaces his or her  rivals, that tends to be a big story.  Today, that story is all about digital advertising.  "This year, not the next, will be the point at which digital overtakes newspapers' share of the global advertising market to become the second largest medium, according to the latest spending forecast from Carat.  Digital, which in Carat's view comprises search, display, online video, social media and mobile, will take a 15.3% share this year with newspapers on 14.4%."  It is clear that those digital pennies are now looking like digital dollars.

Television continues to remain the number one platform for ad revenue.  Still the percentage of growth in each of these respective media platforms, TV, newspaper, magazine are somewhat flat while digital is growing at double digit rates.  With the rise in production and sales of tablets and smartphones, it is only natural to expect that the rate of digital growth will only continue to grow.   And who knows, perhaps one day digital could also overtake TV.

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