Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today Show Upheaval

While it does not yet seem to be confirmed by NBC, the rumor mill is abuzz that Ann Curry's days as co-host of TODAY are numbered.  Not since the days of Deborah Norville have we had such trouble with the morning show.  Consumers, heck most human beings are uncomfortable with change.  Only when it is shown to be better, faster, easier, that we finally let down our guards and make the change a permanent choice.  TODAY show is facing that challenge now; will whoever replaces Ann be a better fit and a more preferable host to keep its audience happy.  Or will it encourage sampling of other network morning shows.

For NBC, host challenges seem to be following them.  It's only been a few years since Conan - Leno was the  front page issue.  And while WNBC is a NYC station, its news program just wen through its own shake-up last week with the departure of Sue Simmons from the evening news, only to be  replaced with a younger, cheaper version of herself.  As change is uncomfortable for people and viewers like the familiarity of its hosts, the acceptance of a new host to replace the old always comes with possibility that  viewers won't stay through the switch.

For WNBC, the choice was perhaps a financial one; for the TODAY show, it may be more about the loss in viewership and the need to recapture them through a host switch.  It eventually worked for TODAY Show when Katie Couric came on board and the audience loved her.  For Ann Curry' successor, we can only wait and see if the same thing can happen.

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