Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tablet And Smartphone Over The Computer

Have you watched  your online usage changing?  Are you tracking how much time you spend on your computer verse the time you spend on your tablet or smartphone?  In a very unscientific approach, I have to admit that I too am trending to far greater usage of mobile devices over my computer.

"More than 2/3 of our time on mobile phones is now used for non-communication activities with the average American spending 94 minutes per day utilizing mobile apps vs. 72 minutes of web-based consumption. Mobile is poised to surpass television as the dominant consumer access point for all media. How we experience life, relationships, entertainment, education, exercise, and work have been completely transformed (for better or worse) because of mobile."

Sure during the day, the PC is on for a number of activities; but the smartphone and tablet become easier to travel with from meeting to meeting and faster to access documents and sites.  In our personal lives, these mobile devices are lighter, faster, and easier to use for search, navigation, and usage.  Our shared experiences still exist in front of the TV, But when we seek an individual experience, or even a shared experience through remote connections, the mobile device is better suited.  From watching a movie on Flixster or Netflix to accessing scores from different games, the smartphone and tablet are the ideal devices. And casual gaming on these same handheld devices only add to their value.

Can companies find the secret sauce to mine more revenue from these mobile devices?  " Today, we've already seen apps disrupt multi-billion dollar industries - gaming, retail, media, publishing, small business, photography, and travel."  The space is ripe for commerce, advertising, subscription, and other revenue opportunities.  And in fact, given the speed of growth, the timing is now.

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