Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Smart TVs Being Shipped But Are They Being Used

TV manufacturers are shipping their newest TV sets with internet capabilities.  These "smart TVs" are becoming the norm of the features of an HDTV set.  "Worldwide, nearly 20% of all TVs shipped worldwide in Q1 were smart TVs, with the highest penetration in Japan with 36% followed by China at 30% and Western Europe at 29%."  In North America, it accounts for 18%.  But just because a TV has these features, are they being fully utilized?

In our house, we are connecting to the web through other boxes attached to the TV.  In fact, for my son, his Xbox is the platform for that connection.  But his and our viewing habits are not limited to the big screen TV.  We are watching internet programming through our iPad and iPod devices.  In fact, for personalized viewing, these mobile devices are more ideal.

As more consumers see the variety, ease, and value of taking video through their smart TV, demand and viewership will increase, cord cutting will be greater, and a la carte choice will become the means for watching individual shows on demand.  At the end of the day, web content will be ubiquitous, across every device in the home, on demand, and easy to view.

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