Friday, June 22, 2012

ls The Microsoft Surface Priced To Fail?

The rumors continue to flow about the Microsoft Surface.  Where will it be sold, how can it connect, and how much will it cost.  So the news that a WIFI only version will be the first released and priced at a whopping $599.  Certainly not a price point that will excite too many possible consumers.  "Throw in the fact that one new estimate shows the battery life on the two tablets will fall short of the competition, and Microsoft's new tablets start to seem like a much tougher sell."  It starts to make the  tablets from Amazon and B&N far more attractive.

And what should Apple due to beat Surface to the punch; how about add apps that bring Microsoft Office to the iPad.  Already, Business Insider has an article on a free app called CloudOn that brings all those features of Office to the iPad and Android tablets.  For Apple to highlight and market that app on iPads prior to the release of Surface could just be its nail in the coffin and make the Surface DOA.

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