Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Apple vs. Google, like Ali vs. Frazier

Don't we love to watch when two big businesses go face to face.  In the early days their was IBM vs DEC, Verizon Wireless vs AT&T, and now we have Apple vs Google.  Where once these two companies worked along side each other, each operating in its distinct world, today they are in full on assault mode.  "The rise of the iPhone and other smartphones changed all that. Mr. Jobs felt blindsided by Google's push into mobile devices with its own Android operating system."  Now they compete with hardware, apps, cloud computing, and everything in between.

And so to keep striking while they can, Apple is set to displace Google Maps with its own map app.  "In the short term, Google will lose some ad revenue and miss out on data about what local businesses people are searching for—which it uses to pitch retailers on buying certain ads. Longer term, it is likely to hurt Google's ability to generate map-related revenue".  Hitting at the pocketbook is clearly what Apple has in mind.  Once Google entered the mobile space, Steve Jobs was adamant that he would do anything it took to beat them.  Well even beyond the grave, the Apple organization is doing just that.

Once they update the operating software and consumers download the update, Google Maps should be replaced with Apple's own version.  Of course any war is made up of multiple battles.  With maps being the first line in the sand, the question is when will the next battle take place.  Could it be in search, against YouTube, or somewhere else.  The war is on, the first battle is set to begin.

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