Monday, May 21, 2012

MSOs Add Another Benefit To Their Broadband Subscription

While cable subscription growth continue to evade the MSOs, broadband subscription has been rising.  To add incremental value to an ever increasing mobile population, the major MSOs will now be sharing access to their WIFI hotspots.  "Under the banner 'Cable WiFi,' Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable will be able to access WiFi hotspots outside their home market." And as these MSOs cover most of the major DMAs, this shared access is certainly good news for its subscribers.

So a quick look at the list and the notable missing MSO is Charter Communications.  Was Charter even approached to join the group or purposely excluded?  And what about the smaller MSOs, fighting hard against the same competitiors as these major entities.  Will folks like Mediacom, Atlantic Broadband, and others get an invite to this WIFI table?

Certainly, for this initial group of 5, a shared WIFI approach is a smart marketing move to compete against its rivals.  As we utilize more mobile devices, access to WIFI is critical; especially, as cellular data usage plans causes us to seek WIFI alternatives so as to not go over our plan limits.  And with profit margins high on broadband subscription, this added value should be actively marketed to assure even more consumers subscribe.

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