Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Has Content Lost Its King Status To The Audience

Terrific editorial questioning whether Content is no longer the king.  Once content left the linear world and became reachable on demand across platforms, the answer, according to the author was clear.  "No; because content is no longer enough. Content has always been a means to an end. And the end has always been audience."  An interesting analysis now that distribution is becoming ubiquitous and content can be accessed anywhere.  It becomes then the choice of the viewer which content and which distribution platform is to be used in order to be consumed.  And for the ad buyer, seeking to reach a particular segment, knowing where the audience is or how it is being directed to content, becomes the ultimate priority.

But wait, hasn't that always been the case.  The content may not have been everywhere, but it was still the draw that the audience desired.  Deals for distribution platforms are all about having the content that best fit its audience.  Distribution offered potential viewers; content offered the sustenance and the nutrition to consume.  Whether it is food, videos, data or something else.  Add to the mix pricing, packaging, and positioning and you have the basis of marketing.  But content or product is essential to the mix.  Distribution seeks content and audiences seek content where it is convenient and affordable and available to get.

Is knowing your audience essential; a resounding yes.  But the article assumes that content is ubiquitous and that is not the case.  Content remains king because it is how it is packaged, positioned, and priced that will drive the audience to it.  Ultimately, it is having the right content ergonomically accessible with marketing to draw attention to it that drives the audience.

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