Monday, April 16, 2012

RIP Chris Lonergan

I am very saddened to read the news of Chris Lonergan's passing late last week.  He has been an important staple in the cable industry and someone who I met very early in my cable days.  As a fellow programmer, I knew him as a fellow traveler, at cable shows, at system visits, and at association meetings. And the more I got to know Chris, the more I respected him.  He was always well liked, and passionate about his work.  He was a rock, the ideal embodiment of what a successful affiliate guy was meant to be.  But his true character emerged as he learned about his medical issues and dealt with his problems.  Brave and hopeful.

When I last saw him at a cable show, after he had bounced back and hoped to be in remission, he maintained a headstrong attitude that he was going to beat this thing.  Outwardly he may have looked weak and tired, but inside he had a resolve and will that could not be missed.

His family has lost a good man; the cable industry has lost someone that made a lasting impact on everyone he  touched.  I am proud to have know Chris; I wish I had known him better for he made me a better cable guy in trying to match his energy and work ethic.  With his death, the world is worse off.

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  1. Thanks Andy. I had not heard of this sad news.
    Warmest wishes.
    Steve Goldmintz
    (516) 719-7900 x188