Friday, April 20, 2012

Cablevision Brings Linear TV To The iPad And More

Untethered, but still required to be inside the home, Cablevision subscribers can now watch their linear TV without a set top box or big screen TV.  With an iPad, iPod, iPhone, laptop, or PC, the TV experience can now be watched in any room in the house.  Multichannel states "To use the software, a customer must have a subscription to iO TV and a Cablevision-supplied modem. (If a customer is not an Optimum Online customer, Cablevision will provide a specialized modem that allows access to the streaming TV apps but not the Internet.)"

The limitation is obvious, access is limited to the home.  For those that don't want to string a cable line to every room in the house, this feature brings a new benefit to the subscriber.  For others, it may not be enough.  For those that want access away from the home, "Dish Network provides similar functionality through its Slingbox-enabled products."

So far the Cablevision App has been downloaded more than 1 million times, indicative of a successful first step in bringing TV Everywhere to the customer.

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