Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cable Nets - That Was Then, This Is Now

Today's list of cable nets weren't always known by their current names.  Some moved from names to letters, others from one name to another.  And for some, the names and focus continue to change.  The most recent news comes from Discovery Channel who is giving a name change to Planet Green.  Prior to that  incarnation, they were known as Discovery Home and beginning on May 28, they will be known as Destination America.

Will this new brand name finally catch hold, we can only wait and see.  In the meantime, here's a list of other networks that have changed their name.  It is not a complete list so go ahead and add other names in the comment section. As too many nets changed from names to initials, I will exclude those from this list.

Then And Now
Discover Health ... OWN
Movietime... E!
Financial News Network ... CNBC
Court TV ... TruTV
The Comedy Channel and Ha! ... Comedy Central
SciFi ... SyFy
Romance Classics ... WeTV
ZDTV ... TechTV ... G4
CBN Cable Network ... The Family Channel ... Fox Family ... ABC Family
CNN2 ... CNN Headline News ... HLN

So long Planet Green.  We hardly had any time to watch ya.

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