Friday, March 9, 2012

Should Apple Buy Barnes & Noble?

UPDATE:  Former Cablevision chief financial officer Mike Huseby is the new CFO of  Barnes and Noble. There has been some suggestion that his expertise is in spinning off and selling companies.  He was involved with Cablesvision's spin off of MSG and AMC.  Whether his role is to get the company ready for sale or for growth remains to be seen.


The recent announcement of the new iPad from Apple and constant wondering what Apple's next steps might be, pose an interesting speculation, should Apple buy Barnes & Noble.  What would Apple get?  How about a retail presence on over 600 college campuses.  Over 700 retail stores around the country.  Additional access to content publishers, the Nook e-reader, and greater impressions and presence in the marketplace.

If Apple truly releases its own TV set, it would likely want to sell them within their own retail environment.  B&N could be that retailer.  And if any company could transition a book retailer into a major digital player, it is Apple. The idea may be out of box, but isn't that what Apple is known for.

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