Thursday, March 1, 2012

How High Can Apple Shares Go?

For those investors that bought Apple, and those that wish they did, the question being asked remains, how much is Apple worth. In the last year, it has traded for as low as $310 dollars per share and today at a high of $545. Today's article asks the question, how high can Apple reach with the figure of $1000 per share being the pinnacle to attain.

With an iPad 3 possible announcement next week and talk of Apple TV, Apple has a lot of products in the pipeline. It also has a huge cash reserve, and buzz regarding a possible dividend to shareholders. All this talk must make investors salivate. I like the fact that all products point to the iTune and App Store. And the simplicity of working with products is enhanced through connectivity through the cloud. Thus owners of iPads or iPhones will want to add an iMac to their home so as to take advantage of its easy sharing of data. An Apple consumer owns more than one of its products, consumes from its online store, and is slowly adding more devices and more connectivity in the home and among the family members.

Apple shares could certainoly hit a bump in the road, but as they have survived through a bad economic period of history and the death of its visionary, Steve Jobs, the future outlook appears brighter and more profitable.

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