Friday, March 16, 2012

College Students Prefer Digital To Print

Sometimes it takes research to confirm what we already know, students enjoy digital over print for reading.  "The majority of U.S. college students now prefer digital formats whether they’re reading textbooks or “fun” books, according to a new survey from the Pearson (NYSE: PSO) Foundation." 

Technology is embraced more quickly by the younger demo and with that comfort level comes increased satisfaction in consuming more content on them.  The influence of Apple and its line of mobile products continues to fill the consumers' shopping basket. Amazon and Barnes and Noble may be farther behind, but they too recognize the trend and have been pushing forward long before this analysis was conducted.  With today's release of the new iPad and reduced pricing on iPad2, even more devices will be out in the marketplace with consumers ready to use them for reading and watching content.  And Apple's announcement a few months  ago in New York of plans to put college textbooks on the iPad is an important step to gaining an even higher percentage of users in the near future.  

In a couple more years, this same study will most likely indicate that 80% or more of students prefer digital over print.  The change is happening quickly especially as more and more devices are getting into student hands.  

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