Monday, February 13, 2012

Apple Over $500 A Share As New Upgrades Expected

As Apple shares closed over $500 for the first time, investors are excited for new releases of their tablet and smartphone. "It was the latest step in a rally that began more than two weeks ago, when the company reported staggering sales and profits for the holiday quarter." An iPad 3 is anticipated to be released next month as the iPhone 5 later this Summer. Rumors abound on what these next iterations will look like. And as consumers pick up these devices, they are sucked into the Apple brand and thus encouraged to also purchase laptops and other Apple products. And frankly it is hard to buy just one. An Apple device for every member of the family, from ipods to iPhone, iPads and laptops. Our homes are looking like an Apple showroom. And as Apple keeps innovating, we continue to want to own the next generation of product. As long as Apple keeps getting it right, the stock price should continue to soar.

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