Monday, January 2, 2012

Perhaps Cablevision Not Ready To Sell

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that what happens between Time Warner Cable and MSG might give us some insight into whether TWC was a possible buyer of Cablevision. Given that both MSG and Cablevision are owned by the Dolans, it would give a clearer understanding of their relationship with TWC. In this world of cable, despite Cablevision and MSG now being separate companies, they are both owned with super shares by the Dolan Family. The link between MSG and Cablevision runs deep. And as it is January 2 and MSG and TWC could not agree on a renewal of their agreement. Result, MSG is off the air on TWC systems. Thus there must be no likely relationship brewing with Cablevision.

This fight, like so many before it, always comes with much name calling on both sides, across other media, print, radio, and the web. The fact that an agreement was not reached and the channel was pulled off the air simply demonstrates that the Dolans and TWC are not as cozy as one might have hoped. Since no hint of leniency was shown for MSG post agreement, it is less likely that TWC and Cablevision have been having serious discussions about a possible acquisition.

So Ranger and Knick fans living on TWC systems will not be seeing their teams for a while. How long depends on how far apart and how acrimonious the two sides are too each other. The longer MSG is off the air, the less likely TWC is a buyer of Cablevision. It is that easyto graph.

And with a rudderless Cablevision, without Rutledge to steer it, and no successor in mind, one wonders what is next for Cablevision. Is there another buyer in sight or will they simply drive forward on automatic for a little while longer? Stay tuned.

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