Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Content Companies Will Remain Successful As Viewership Patterns Shift

Consider this article from Deadline Hollywood a no brainer. The analyst cited is "encouraged by the prospects for TV Everywhere — where pay TV companies make it possible for subscribers to watch their shows on mobile devices." That content accessibility across different platforms will encourage viewership and new revenue models. But this assessment of the media marketplace does not apply to all big companies. While she has high hopes for Time Warner Communications, News Corp/Fox, and CBS, she has doubts about ABC/Disney/ESPN and Viacom. Noticably absent in the article is the other major broadcaster/content company. Is NBC/Comcast a different animal because they are the only one that is both a distribution and programming company? Does that help them or hurt them more than the others?

Ultimately, one has to believe that content is king should remain the mantra. Creating content that is compelling and can be monetized across multiple distribution platforms seems to be key. Being smart enough to recognize the shifts in viewing habits of the viewer is essential. The syndication market may change, the DVD market may drop, the mobile space may grow, second screens may gel, and new undiscovered platforms are pushing to be formed. Staying forward in those trends to ride the changes without getting stuck in the past will drive future revenue and profitability.

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