Friday, December 2, 2011

Will DVD Sales Rise From A Link With The Cloud?

When was the last time you bought a cassette tape? When CDs were created, no one tried to sell you a cassette with every CD you bought. Most likely because you were still buying a manufactured item. But with the rise of digital and now the cloud, the need for manufactured CDs and even DVDs is less and less. Yet, it seems that companies aren't ready to breakaway completely.

The rise of UltraViolet and in the UK, Blinkbox, is still being tied to the purchase of a DVD. All with the hopes of improving a dying distribution model. And while this strategy may lengthen the product life, the patient will eventually die and be buried. Such as it was for the 8 Track, the cassette, and soon the CD and DVD.

For the short run, a dual purchase makes everyone happy. "This is a fascinating link-up between atoms (DVD) and bits (streaming). The added value of the dual option could drive more plastic-disc sales at the checkouts." Ultimately, the customer no longer seeks to clutter their homes with jewel boxes of various shapes and sizes when their digital devices both store and play. The arrival of cloud based storage enables access of this same content wherever and whenever you want, although it requires that wireless access is present.

How long will this shared model last? The speed of adoption of tablets indicates that this process should only last a few more years at best. Notice that no tablet comes equipped with a DVD or CD reader; even laptops are being built without the hardware. Change is a coming and like the Laser Disc, the DVD will also become part of our history.

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